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This website is the one I wish I had stumbled across 46 years ago. If I could have had this knowledge at the age of 10 it would have saved A LOT of heartache. My aim is to share with you what I now know about sugar addiction. This knowledge has finally enabled me to overcome decades of struggles with weight, food cravings and the growing hopelessness of finding a long-term solution. I want to spread a little light to those of you still trying to find your own path forward to food freedom.

Book Out Now!

Dr Jen Unwin is a Clinical Psychologist and lifelong carbohydrate addict. In this beautifully illustrated book she teams up with top clinicians in the field to share what they have learned about freeing yourself from the emotional and physical dangers of overeating sugars, flours and processed foods. The book leads you in a clear way through identifying if you have carbohydrate addiction, finding the motivation to change your life, understanding how to build the right daily eating plan, the strategies for long-term success and where to go for more information and support. Make today your ‘fork in the road’ to health and food freedom.

Recovery Podcast

Nothing is more inspiring than hearing the real-life stories of other people tackling the same problems as us. The Fork in the Road podcast is interviews with other sugar addicts who are in recovery. What was their ‘fork in the road’ moment and how did they beat the sugar strangle hold on their lives?

Movement matters

For those of you that don’t know, I host a Clubhouse on a Wednesday night at 6pm UK time each week with Anna Frueling and Ally Houston. It’s a regular weekly meet up for people with food/sugar addiction and we have a different topic each week to discuss. People can...

The Importance of Hope

Hope has been defined as the belief that pathways exist towards our desired goals and that we have the motivation and skill to pursue those pathways. Hope is the belief in a preferred future.  A positive psychology researcher, Charles Snyder (2002), summarised...

Musing on music!

Music might be a great resource for shifting cravings or lifting mood. This week’s blog has me musing on the power of music to change our mood and how it might help with mastering cravings and recovery. I enjoy music but am sadly not musical myself. I did get grade 3...

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The Public Health Collaboration is a registered charity (No. 1171887) dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. In the UK 25% of adults are obese, the highest prevalence in Europe, and type 2 diabetes has risen by 65% in the past 10 years with no sign of slowing down, both cost the NHS £16 billion a year. The publishes evidence-based
reports on the most pressing public health issues alongside coordinated campaigns and implementing initiatives for improving public health. The charity is close to my heart and strongly supports the idea of educating the public about sugar addiction and the harms of a diet high in processed foods.

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