Useful Websites and Books

I’m so grateful for all the people who have shared their knowledge and experience with me over the last several years of my journey. Here I will list the people, books, websites and apps that I have found most helpful. The list isn’t exhaustive of course and I hope you will find other resources and people who help you on your way. I’ll update the list if I find good new resources.

Food Addiction


Bitten Jonsson is one of the best-known clinicians in sugar addiction and she trains
professionals to assess and treat the condition. Her Facebook group ‘Sugarbomb in your brain’ is an excellent source of support and good information.

This website has been set up by Anna, Dave and some other amazing sugar addiction
counsellors in the USA with lots of useful information about how to recover and find

Joan Ifland has written the definitive text book on processed food addiction and runs an online support community.

Dr Robert Lustig is internationally known for his work on the damage sugar does to our bodies and minds, fostering today’s epidemics of addiction and depression. All his books and online lectures are worth looking at.

Dr Vera Tarman is a food addiction expert and has written the excellent book ‘Sugar Junkies’. Her website has many useful resources.


The yoga of Eating

Charles Eisenstein. 2003.

The Sugar Demons

Johnathan Cranford. 2020.

Fat Chance

Dr Robert Lustig. 2014.

Food Junkies

Vera Tarman. 2014.

Processed Food Addiction

Joan Ifland et al. 2018.

Unfit for Purpose

Adam Hart. 2020

Escape the Diet Trap

Dr John Briffa. 2012

Nutrition and Recipes

Probably the world’s biggest website devoted to the benefits of low carb and ketogenic
diets. A mine of information. Remember that sugar addicts should avoid sweeteners and
alcohol even if they are allowed on other plans.

Is the world’s largest on-line community for people with diabetes and supports people via
online forums and also runs the on line subscription program
with weekly support, recipes and tips for going low carb.

Producers of paleo and low carb food in the UK. They have an excellent blog and recipe
book too.

The PHC is a UK charity campaigning to improve public health by providing quality
information. Any profits from my book or speaking etc will be donated to the Public Health Collaboration. Dr David Unwin’s sugar infographics are available here as well as up to date summaries of the latest low carb research.

Is a beautiful website designed to help you on your low carb journey. Its hosted by my
favourite foodies Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi. Katie’s low carb recipe books are absolutely
stunning and are available on the website or Amazon. Katie also has a Facebook group.

Recovery resources

A great website with a recovery podcast

A great website if you don’t know where to start with meditation and mindfulness but want a go

Another great website to explore mindfulness and meditation

Try this website if you’re stuck for ideas. Volunteering for a local good cause is another idea to boost wellbeing.

Another great website to get ideas for hobbies.

For yoga try and find a local class or do an online class to get you started.